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About Elainek Consulting


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Welcome to ElaineK Consulting, your trusted partner in unlocking the full potential of your integrative medicine business. As a business consultant specializing in holistic healthcare, I am dedicated to supporting and guiding practitioners and company executives to achieve success, growth, and a deeper impact on patients' well-being.

My Mission

My mission is to bridge the gap between your passion for integrative medicine and the business expertise needed to thrive in today's competitive healthcare landscape. I have a deep understanding of  the unique challenges faced by integrative medicine practitioners and business owners, and my purpose is to provide expert guidance, strategic insights, and customized solutions that elevate both patient care and business success. 

Unlike other companies, we not only empower you with these tools, but we DO these things for you and take them off of your plate!! At ElaineK Consulting, we help practitioners and businesses do what they love to do while we handle the rest!

Portrait of Elaine Kollar - ElaineK Consulting
ElaineK Consulting

Who I Am

Elaine has been passionate about integrative and functional medicine and has consulted practitioners in this industry for over 15 years. Elaine has a background of 15 years of successful sales performance working with the top industry-leaders and Fortune 500 companies. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from UC Santa Barbara and is Certified in Entrepreneurship/Technology Management. 

With this background of successful, high-performing sales, entrepreneurship/business management, clinical/scientific experience and a genuine passion for helping others, she brings a unique blend of skills and understanding to the table. She has been a driving force, helping hundreds of practitioners achieve success in the areas of business, sales, management, marketing and choosing the right products and services for their distinguished clientele. 

Dissatisfied with the increasing lack of integrity, transparency, and customer service from businesses in recent years, Elaine wanted to continue providing clients with the outstanding customer experience and proactivity she always stood behind and believed in. As an advocate for physicians, she decided to go full-time into consulting for clients in the integrative and functional medicine industry and continue the standard of excellence of what an outstanding customer experience looks like by using her skills of high-performance sales, marketing and business essentials.

With a passion for entrepreneurship and a wealth of experience from practitioners and businesses like yourself, she is committed to seeing your business succeed to new levels of growth. She has seen what works and what does not work. Elaine offers tailored solutions that address your unique challenges that drive sustainable results. 

ElaineK Consulting owner

She is a hard-working, productive, organized, and proactive professional and would love to start working with you today!

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